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Tell me what you think about my products / performance.  I welcome all of your comments and suggestions.

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     "Hi"      "This is just a random ""HI"". Your brother comes into my pizza shop and he gave me you web site.  This is very kool! Hope things are going great for you.  Peace be with you Ally"    "13 Oct 2006"        "23:42:20"   



"Problem"         "Merch Motor" "I have a 131 Merch. It has blown up on me 4 times now and almost always the same way. Im starting to learn. Just took it apart again at Eastside. Mike Gossan has it. You were recommended by my good friend John Martin. I am at wits end. I love this motor when she is rocking however no one can keep her going. I trust John Martin and he says you may be able to help. The bike and motor are at Eastside and please feel free to speak with Mike about it. Can you help me or should I just give in and put a Harley motor in my chopper. Thank you.


Are you running a tachometer?  Over revving is a real concern with this motor. Consider using a rev limiter. I understand the fins are polished, this adds to the problem of overheating. I will contact Gerry Merchant and get his feedback.


"Praise"            "Your Voodoo"            "Fred, Just wanted to let you know that the engine seems to be running wonderfully.  After break-in, I was riding in Arizona at Christmastime with some friends that had one of their local favorites' engine builder's engines.  I think that it only took about 75% throttle to just walk away from them.  You did GOOOOOD!!  Thanks for doing that voodoo like only you can do."      "Kevin Atkison "           "kevin.d.atkison"      "09 Jan 2007"   "21:18:29"      


"Suggestion"     "mailing address"           "Fred.........I noticed when I went to your website it has a different mailing address than the one I thought I got from you on the phone....  sent check to Fred Butler/Fred's Heads 4004 NE 4th ST. Suite 107 - 307 Renton, WA. 98056.....MICK


P S ....If the address is OK, no need to contact me, but if mine is wrong, let me know, I won't mail it until Tuesday."            "Mick Childs"   ""        


Thanks for the feedback Mick, my Web Master was asleep at the wheel so I've fired him and am now going to keep up the page myself. I've made the corrections you've noted, again thanks again for the opportunity to do the work for ya.



"Suggestion"     "finish your site"            "Hey man I think it is time you finish your page.  Are you still selling heads to eastside?  I spoke to you a while back.  "          "John Kline"      ""   "06 Jul 2007"    "20:38:32"    


Man this feedback on the web page isn't going to give me time to work on Heads. No seriously I'll just put in those extra hours at night, who needs sleep?

Regards, Fred


"Praise"            "Heads"            "My heads look and ""work"" great.  I am vary pleased with the way the bike runs.  I am really happy with the heads and the gear drive cams.  Thanks for your work on the heads and the advice on the gear drive.  MICK"   ""   "29 Jul 2007"   "05:28:46"      


Thanks for the praise Mick, I'm always glad to hear when things are as they should be...

Regards, Fred



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